Maximize the Storage Under Your Sink

Every home has at least one of these spots. It’s a dark place under a sink that just seems to get clogged up with all kinds of things, leaving a mess to sort through any time you’re looking for something under there. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s a very easy solution that can not only increase that storage space under the sink but also organize it perfectly so you know how to find everything.

Making the Most of Your Under-Sink Cabinet

Whether it’s in a kitchen or a bathroom, or maybe even the laundry room, that cabinet under the sink tends to either go unused or over-used, in a bad way. Here’s what you can do to get the most out of the space and declutter it. We have seen some great ideas in our years of offering commercial cleaning services in Red Deer.

By creating another shelf under the sink, which is not as difficult as you may think, you can almost double the space so that anything you have under there can fit nicely and stay well within view for easy access.

What You Need

While you may have to go to the hardware store to find a few things, you are sure to have much of what you need for this little project.

  • Measuring tape
  • Particleboard
  • Nails
  • Nail driver (but a hammer will do)
  • Table saw (or you can ask the hardware store to cut what you need for you)

The Process

Start by emptying everything from out of the cabinet and measuring out the area. Then, proceed to the hardware store to purchase the particle board you need, along with the other items you require to install it. Make sure that you buy more board than necessary so that you can use the excess as support for your shelf.

If the store can’t cut your boards for you, pick up a simple handsaw that will cut through it, and measure out your cuts before you proceed. You should end up with cut boards for your shelving and several support pieces that will give you the height you need for your shelf.

Install your supports along the edges of the under-sink cabinet using the nails and hammer, or nail driver.

Next, place your shelves onto the supports. You can either leave them as they are for easy removal when necessary, or secure them with nails, glue, or caulking on the underside of the boards.

Added Storage Organization Tip

Now that you have more shelf space under your sink, you can grab a few little baskets to put your items into. That will make it simple to remove what you need. You can even label the baskets, assigning each one to a different person in the house.

Maximizing the storage under your sink is a quick and easy project you can do as a family. It’s simple enough to do on your own though, and when you’re done, you’ll have more storage than you thought possible, giving you ideas for more great storage maximizing projects.